Summer Essentials Duo
Unbreakable in human hands and made with fiber worth more than silver. Knit and hand-sewn in Montreal, Canada.

A bundle to keep you cool, even on the hottest days of summer. Our lightest, airiest, and sheerest Classic Ultrasheer Tights meet our naturally cooling, breathable, lightly shaping, and anti-chafing No-Sweat Shortie.

Our modern tights are made for forward strides. Engineered for better odds in Montreal, Canada, our proprietary knit is 10X stronger than steel and lighter than water. 


Featured Review
"I never thought sheers this thin could be so strong!! I love they way they look too. They do not sag or bunch up which is great. I think I will need to get myself a pair for each day of the week."
Named One of TIME's Best Inventions