Lounge Trio

A bundle with guaranteed style and comfort, no matter what's thrown your way. Your perfect at home get up includes our Everywear Shortie, High Rise Cheeky Brief, and Everywear Bra Top. 

Engineered for better odds in Montreal, Canada, our proprietary knit is 10X stronger than steel, lighter than water, and naturally cooling, and antimicrobial. What more could you ask for?

This set features products from our ‘Second Chances’ collection. Each product is upcycled and made with leftover knit from our production process—because every piece of material deserves a second chance at life.

Featured Review
"The new High Rise Cheeky Brief is an extremely comfortable piece of underwear. The waistband sits comfortably and it is figure-hugging enough to stay in place. The material is as they point out, breathable and cooling; which is great on warm days. Lastly, the creation of your Second Chances Collection is a fantastic idea."
Thomas P.
Named One of TIME's Best Inventions