Classic "Unbreakable" Sheer Tights
Unbreakable in human hands and made with fiber worth more than silver. Knit and hand-sewn in Montreal, Canada.
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The original "unbreakable in human hands" pantyhose. Modern tights for forward strides. Engineered for better odds, our proprietary fiber is 10X stronger than steel and lighter than water. Our naturally cooling fibers protect against sweat and thigh chafing so you can focus on showing off your powerful stride. 

Featured Review
"I have worn these 22 times so far, & this includes cleaning out the mezzanine in the factory which meant going up and down a ladder, walking past boxes with staples in, and moving old relics that should have seen the rubbish bin long before now, in any other standard stockings they would have been in shreds, but these beauties happily stood the test and came out none the worst for wear! I have well and truly paid them off and they are still going strong. Needless to say I have been singing their praises to every one!!! Thanks Sheertex"
Named One of TIME's Best Inventions