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The magic of sheertex is a knit that combines strength, stretch and sheer, without compromise.

  • Sheer

    We use the finest fibers in the world in fine gauge knits to produce products that are not just strong but breathable and sheer.

  • Strength

    Sheertex uses the strongest thermoplastic in the world, as the basis for all of its knit design.

  • Stretch

    Our patent pending knit combines the strongest fibers in the world with stretch fibers in a way that doesn’t compromise strength and reduces snagging.


best in class snag resistance

Our proprietary fiber and knit has been constructed to not just be strong but to also be snag resistant.

industry leading seam strength

Each of our garments is constructed for optimal seam strength, allowing every product to live up intense every day wear.

abrasion resistant

Sheertex is abrasion resistant, allowing for the knit to maintain its structural integrity, whatever life throws at it.

unmatched burst strength

Having an incredibly high molecular weight, our fiber doesn't wear easily. It gets its strength from its extremely long-chain molecules, resulting in a very rugged material.

10X stronger than steel

The tensile strength of our fiber is 4000-6000 which makes it pound for pound ten times stronger than steel.


Sheertex is lightweight and sheer, but looks can be deceiving. Our classic knit is literally unbreakable by hand, even in the hands of your strongest friend.


lighter than water

Having a specific gravity of 0.928 our fiber is one of the lightest weight in the world.


Our fiber has an absorption rate of virtually zero it is resistant to water and moisture. Our fiber will never lose its strength due to swelling caused by the absorption of water.


With a high resistance to bonding to anything, our fiber is naturally antimicrobial, odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic.


cool to the touch

Our fiber has a high level of crystallinity and molecular mass which gives it excellent temperature conductivity, this quickly transfers heat and creates a cooling effect.

5X More Breathable

As a sheer knit, Sheertex is more breathable that knits of comparble strength and can be used in a wide varienty of applications requiring air flow.


  1. The Weight Test

    Our fiber has the strongest tensile strength of any polymer in the world.

  2. The Stomp Test

    Stomp your heart out. Sheertex has you covered.

  3. The Stretch Test

    Not just strong, Sheertex is lightweight and flexible.

  4. The Stretch Test

    Not just strong, Sheertex is lightweight and flexible.

  5. The Heel Test

    Unbelievable? Believe it. These sheers are the real deal.

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Sheertex, the world’s toughest sheer knit, can be used in a wide variety of applications. From outerwear to protective wear to intimates.

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