Our Materials

There hadn’t been any innovation in the hosiery industry since Joseph Shivers’ spandex in 1958. Then we came along.

We take pantyhose seriously.

We use a blend of miniaturized, super-strong polymer (the kind that goes into ballistic materials and climbing equipment), nylon and spandex to create a lightweight, flexible formula. This is our proprietary knit.

We’re truly the first of our kind in this industry: the texture, functionality, and durability are unique to Sheertex. We have a formula so strong we had to retrofit our sewing machines to be able to handle the scale of our production, and the strength of our knit.

We’re 10x stronger than the other guys

For real. With a tensile strength of 4000-6000 pounds per square inch, we are the most durable hosiery on the market.

Lighter than water

We’ve turned bulletproof vests into an everyday wardrobe staple by ensuring our knit is flexible and comfortable all day and all night. 


Our fiber has an absorption rate of virtually zero. Our knit’s resistance to water and moisture means that our products will never lose their strength due to swelling caused by the absorption of water.

Naturally antimicrobial

Our sheers also have a high bonding resistance to anything and everything. This means that our fiber is completely nontoxic and safe to wear all day, everyday.

Cool to the touch

Part of our magic is making such a powerful polymer into wearable pantyhose. Our products are breathable and quickly transfer heat, creating a cooling effect. Pantyhose have never been so comfortable.


Our sheers will keep you comfortable, no matter the conditions. Our sheers are silky soft, super stretchy, and have a cotton gusset hand-sewn in for extra breathability.