The sheertex textile innovation lab

The Sheertex textile innovation lab is a 6,000 square foot product development, manufacturing, and training facility located 2 hours north of Toronto, Canada.

the lab

In order to make the world's strongest sheer knit, Sheertex had to reimagine the manufacturing process from the ground up. The Sheertex Innovation Lab is equiped with state of the art equipment that allows the company to rapidly iterate using the world's strongest polymer.

Every Sheertex product is designed, knit, manufactured and shipped direct to consumers out of the Lab, allowing Sheertex to bring products to market faster at the highest level of quality.

At the lab we create the world’s strongest, lightest, coolest apparel products.

Rapid Prototyping

By having every part of the manufacturing process under one roof, we are able to move concepts to consumer ready in as little as a couple days.

Corporate Trainings

The Lab is setup to get ideas from concept to reality faster. We host corporate trainings on Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping for leading brands looking to move faster or bring Sheertex in their high performance apparel products.

Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing with Sheertex doesn't have to mean boots on the ground. We come from the software world and have built a sytem to enable remote product development and production.

Apparel Hackathons

We believe the best ideas come from collaboration. We host internal hackathons to develop new Sheertex products and do the same for brands looking to leverage Sheertex technology.

How it's made

Our Space

The lab offers a variety of state-of-the-art facilities, designed to facilitate collaboration, rapid prototyping, and production.


In the heart of Muskoka

Big ideas can start anywhere. We are based in Muskoka, 2 hours north of Toronto and the heart of Canadian cottage country. When we're not working, you can find us on the dock with a cocktail.

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Our Technology

The magic of Sheertex is a knit that combines strength, stretch and sheer, without compromise.