how it's made

How we created and now manufacture the world's strongest sheer knit.


We initially set out to build the world’s toughest pair of sheers. It was this impossible quest to build a sheer knit that was lightweight and flexible but virtually indestructible that led us to build Sheertex.



Most fibers today are either strong or sheer, never both. In order to build an unbreakable sheer knit we knew we needed to look outside traditional apparel fibers like nylons and lycra that have very low tensile strength.

what is tensile strength?

The resistance of a material to breaking under tension.

inspired by the world’s strongest products

We became inspired by the fibers used in the strongest products in the world like bulletproof vests and climbing equipment. Most strong fibers, like kevlar, were actually much too thick for sheer applications.

What is Denier?

A unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual fibers.

100 Denier Opaque <30 Denier Sheer
Kevlar is 1000 Denier

The miracle Polymer

After a 4 month search, we found the world's strongest polymer. This fiber is also used in applications like bulletproof vests, but it showed much more promise for sheer applications than kevlar. Prior to Sheertex, fibers of this polymer had never been used in apparel.

What makes our fiber so strong?

Long chains of molecules that transfer load more effectively.


This polymer didn’t exist on the market thin enough to be truly sheer, and all commercially available versions of the fiber were white and non-dyeable. In order to get a low denier and the color needed, we extruded a custom fiber oursleves.



Having the world’s strongest fibers was just the beginning. From there we needed to turn those fibers into a knit.

We’re breaking the machines

The first time we knit with these fibers, we broke the machines. Today, we knit on machines that have been retrofitted to handle the high tenacity of our fiber.

Achieving Stretch Without compromise

The fiber's of this polymer has no stretch. We developed a knit that combines our fiber with elastometric fibers without compromising strength.


We have refined our fibers and developed a proprietary process for conditioning our fibers to optimize our knitting process and reduce snagging.

This polymer was not designed to be knit. We were told that trying to make a sheer knit out of it was like trying to “turn peanuts into lemonade.” We took that as a challenge.



After knitting, we produce some of the strongest, lightest, coolest, apparel products in the world.

One-of-a-kind Production

Like our knitting machines, all of our on-site production processes are specially designed to work with the Sheertex knit.

We work with brands to integrate the Sheertex knit into apparel products, making them stronger, lighter, and cooler than anything else on the market today.

Partner with us

Innovation Lab

Our Canadian innovation lab, located two hours north of Toronto, is a playground for brands looking to integrate Sheertex into next generation apparel production.

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