The sheertex textile innovation lab

The Sheertex textile innovation lab is a 3,000 square foot product development, manufacturing, and training facility located 2 hours north of Toronto, Canada.

the lab

The Sheertex Lab is where we develop, design, and build every Sheertex product. This state of the art facility was built from scratch for Sheertex and makes working with the world’s strongest fibers possible. Our lab is designed to bring the strongest, lightest, coolest products in the world to life.

Whether you are looking to work with the Sheertex knit and learn more about how Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene can do enhance your product offering or are looking to bring a new innovation to life, this space was designed for you. From concept development through knitting and finishing every part of the process can be done here, allowing unprecedented speed in new product development.

At the lab we work with brands to create the world’s strongest, lightest, coolest apparel products.

Rapid Prototyping

We move fast. With every part of the manufacturing process here at our fingertips we can move from concept to product in just a few days.

Corporate Trainings

Led by industry experts we host offsites for apparel brands looking to explore topics like rapid prototyping, design thinking, and crowdfunding for their business.

Digital Manufacturing

We run small batch manufacturing for our own products, private label brands using the Sheertex knit, and other specialized apparel products.

Apparel Hackathons

Bringing together entrepreneurs, industry, leaders and designers, our hackathons bring apparel products from idea to reality over the course of just 72 hours.

How it's made

Our Space

The lab offers a variety of state-of-the-art facilities, designed to facilitate collaboration, rapid prototyping, and production.


In the heart of Muskoka

The Sheertex Lab is in Muskoka, Canada. Muskoka is no stranger to polar opposites. From the harshest winters to the most beautiful summers, it seems only fitting that the toughest, most delicate knit in the world would be made here.

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Our Technology

The magic of Sheertex is a knit that combines strength, stretch and sheer, without compromise.