Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers
Sidekick Sheers

Sidekick Sheers

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Meet your new Sidekick. Made with our revolutionary Sheertex Knit Technology, these are the most durable pantyhose on the market. The newest addition to the Sheertex family, Sidekick is sewn with precision using automatic sewing machines. Our new process allows us to bring you a more affordable product without sacrificing the durability you deserve.

Sheerness: 30 Denier

Made in Canada

Sidekicks are brand new! Most orders ship next business day, but orders containing Sidekicks may take up to two weeks to ship depending on availability. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships.


(4'11" - 5'2")
(5'3" - 5'7")
(5'8" - 6'1")
small 100 - 120 lbs 105 - 125 lbs 110 - 130 lbs
medium 120 - 145 lbs 125 - 150 lbs 130 - 155 lbs
large 145 - 175 lbs 150 - 180 lbs 155 - 185 lbs
x-large 175 - 220 lbs 180 - 225 lbs 185 - 230 lbs
2/3x-large 220 - 295 lbs 225 - 300 lbs 230 - 305 lbs

We fulfill orders directly from our factory as soon as possible after they have been placed. Most items are fulfilled next business day. Sidekick is brand new and orders containing this product may take up to two weeks to ship. Shipping times are, on average, 3-5 business days after the package has left our facility. When the package is en route, you will receive an email with a tracking link so you can follow your order’s shipping progress right up to your door!

We stand behind our products. If you experience a factory defect we’ll send you a replacement pair at no additional cost, shipping included. We mean it. 

Pantyhose are considered an intimates product, and for sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept products for return or exchange. With the exception of factory defects, all product is final sale. We take matters of hygiene and safety very seriously, and for this reason, we cannot take products back. We sincerely hope you understand our positioning, and appreciate receiving brand new products each and every time from our factory!

Because we cannot accept returned merchandise, we recommend you review our size chart and photos carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions about what fit is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask! 

While our sheers are by far the strongest on the market (did you know our fibers are 10x stronger than steel?!) it is still a sheer knit product, and not totally invincible. Results and number of wears will vary by person and situation. 

If you’re not completely in love after trying Sheertex, please reach out to our customer care team at to discuss your feedback or concerns. Any good relationship is founded on trust and we’re committed to making sure you get nothing but our best products.

Woman in Sheertex pantyhose wearing heels walking down the street

Hello world, Meet

Sheertex Sidekick

Revolutionary Knit

Just like our original collection, Sidekick is powered by our revolutionary Sheertex Knit Technology. Invented and manufactured in Canada, our special recipe has turned the world’s strongest polymer into lightweight, comfortable pantyhose. You won’t find anything like us anywhere else.

Accessible Pricing

To make Sidekick possible we retrofit state-of-the-art automatic sewing machines to be able to handle the most durable hosiery on the planet. This more efficient process of automatic sewing allows us to bring you a more affordable product. Because everyone deserves to feel unbreakable.

Sustainable Fashion

Over 2 billion pairs of pantyhose end up in landfills each year. We believe there’s no longer an excuse for pantyhose that can't get through the day. Our sheers are 10X stronger than the other guys. Not only will our products help you look and feel your best, we’re committed to doing the same for Mother Nature.

Sheertex Knit Technology™

Sheertex makes the strongest pantyhose in the world. Our fibers don't exist anywhere else on the market. We miniaturized the fibers used in bulletproof vests to create a knit just as strong as the women who wear it. 

A chance to support a homegrown, female-fronted business and reduce the amount of waste? Sign us up.

You can stretch and twist the Sheertex as much as you like and they won’t break. You’d have to be the Hulk to tear a hole through these things.