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16 Qs with Katelyn Lloyd, Sewing

Meet Katelyn, who works in our sewing department. If you're curious about how our sheers get pieced together to create the final product, check out the video below. Ema: Hey Katelyn, how are you today? Katelyn: I'm doing great! Ema: What's your role here at Sheertex? Katelyn: I help move things through sewing production. Ema: And how long have you worked here? Katelyn: 6 months. Ema: Do you live close by? Katelyn: So close you might as well say I live here. Ema: How did you start your day today? Katelyn: With lots of coffee. Ema: What do the sheers...

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Katherine Hague

16 Qs with Jane Hartwick, Product Development

The first edition of the Sheertex Behind the Seams question series. Today we're with Sheertex's Jane Hartwick talking all things product development.     Read the transcript: Ema: Hey Jane, how are you doing today? Jane: Great! Ema: What is your role here at Sheertex? Jane: I am a product developer. Ema: How did you start your day today? Jane: Coffee and an early morning meeting. Ema: What did you have for breakfast? Jane: Sandwich and some grapes. Ema: What are you wearing today? Jane: Oh, the Glow Sheers in Ruby! Ema: Can you put them to the test? Jane:...

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